11,701 Effective Facebook Ads Images

As I mentioned in my previous post on Facebook Ads strategy, social advertising is purely a numbers game. If you can maintain your cost per click(CPC)<earnings per click(EPC) as you scale up your ad spend, you can stand to generate a lot of revenue very quickly on the margins.In order to maintain low CPC, you need a high CTR. And if you’ve ever advertised on social ads, you know that there’s one very important factor in getting a high CTR on Facebook- it’s all about the image.Choosing an effective set of images to test is critical to the success of your Facebook ads campaign. However, it can be time-consuming and expensive to determine by trial and error what kind of image is most effective.With that in mind, I wanted to share a few images I collected from actual Facebook ads, so you can see what is actually working for current advertisers on the Facebook Ads platform.Simply stealing some of these images for use in your own campaigns would be stupid- they’re already in use, and being saturated on Facebook Ads. Users on social platforms quickly develop banner blindness towards ads and images they’ve seen before, so you’re unlikely to find success by simply ripping some random images from this collection.The smart advertiser will take a macro view and browse through these images more broadly. As you look through them, you’ll begin to see common patterns and trends emerge, and develop a sense for what kinds of techniques and types of images are most effective on Facebook ads.Apply these techniques to your own campaigns, and you’ll instantly see significant improvements in CTR and profitability. For example, there’s a certain type and color of border I’m going to try that I think will do very well.I’m NOT going to post the targeting,headline, text or destination URL for these ads, because that would be outing entire campaigns and I’m not going that far, so don’t even bother asking.Methodology:I looked at about 250,000 Facebook ads targeting all English speaking countries(US,CA,UK,etc) in late September through early October 2010 and collected the images.These are not images I just think might work on Facebook ads.All of these images were actually recently used in Facebook ads, and many of them are undoubtedly very successful for the advertisers using them.After sorting through them and removing duplicates, I was left with 11,701 unique images.I also sorted images by how frequently they appeared/were used/copied to find the most popular and presumably most effective ones. But I don’t think I’m ready to release that data just yet. Again, don’t ask.Note to Facebook: I didn’t scrape these from Facebook myself, or touch Facebook’s servers in any way to get these, so please don’t be mad at me. To the best of my knowledge, I’m fully within my rights to link to this image archive.Bonus IdeaThe more astute among you might notice that PlentyofFish uses the same image dimensions and general ad format as Facebook. This is done intentionally to encourage advertisers to copy their campaigns over to the PoF platform. I’m sure PoF would love it if you took some of the high converting images found in this collection and tried on them on the much less competitive PoF platform.In case you’re too lazy to look through the files yourself, I’ll be posting some – but not all – of my favorites in a few days. Expect more outrage as I out people’s highest-converting images.Download:http://www.mediafire.com/?1er5b873e7rylu2Mirror:http://rapidshare.com/files/426415383/fbimages.zipArchive Password: www.insight.io

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    The password is http://www.insight.io If you’re on a Mac, you can’t extract the file simply by double clicking, it will fail. Either use another tool like The Unarchiver or extract from the command line.

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    Very nice collection man. Took forever to unzip but you can definitely find some recurring themes. Thanks for the download.Smaxor

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    Thanks for the share, Ilya.Checking out the competition is so important, and this will surely be a great contribution to my swipe file. Like you said, stealing these directly would be dumb in most cases, but it’s no doubt a great reference tool.Although, I just realized how easy it would be to mass test these…I been looking for an excuse to update my blog, and this is definitely worth mentioning, so there might be some (weak) link love coming your way soon.

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