3 Reasons Why Twitter Advertising Needs To Improve

Below is a video of how Twitter Advertising works. Twitter offers promoted tweets and promoted accounts.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3e5H9b9IM_Q?rel=0]

Here are three reasons why Twitter Advertising needs to improve:


1.  No optimization tools: Twitter’s biggest selling points with its advertising model include the ease of use and the low-maintenance campaign structure.  The promoted tweets don’t require you to create any additional ad creative, and you get to choose which tweets you want and do not want to promote.  But wait, what if you wanted to improve your Twitter Advertising performance?  Well, guess what. You can’t.  Twitter will charge you based on your set-budget, and there is currently no optimization tools that will allow you to increase followers or engagements at a lower cost.  Without full control over the placement of the campaigns, Twitter eliminates the possibility of increasing optimization.


2.  No targeting options:  With Twitter’s set-it and forget-it advertising model, this significantly limits your ability to target precise interests or specific people.  For example, it would be pretty sweet if Twitter could offer the ability to target promoted accounts to a competitor’s followers.  Well too bad, because this isn’t currently available.


3.  No payment options: You know how Google gives you the option to either pay per click or pay per impression?  With Twitter’s promoted tweets, you only get one option – pay per engagement.  And engagements can include clicks, re-tweets, replies, and favorites.  However, some advertisers may only want to pay per click, or pay per reply.  As a marketer, I personally would value clicks more than favorites.  I also might be willing to pay more for a re-tweet than I would pay for a click.  Twitter should really consider offering different budget options for performance advertisers who place different values for each action that is taken from a promoted tweet.


Twitter has a long way to go in terms of its advertising capabilities.  As Twitter Advertising gains maturity in the industry, I’m sure advertisers will want to know which tweets performed better, in terms of engagements per impressions.  This will help them understand what kind of tweet campaigns they should continue or stop running.


I’d also be very curious to discover how the algorithm identifies “people with similar interests.”  What criteria is Twitter using for that?  Especially since Twitter only requires a name, email and password to sign up as a user, how does Twitter know what their interests are?  Is Twitter really attracting the right audience for you?


Thanks for reading! Please share your experience with Twitter Advertising. I’m very interested in success stories and failures.  For more advertising insights, follow me on Twitter or add me to your Google+ circles.



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