5 Strategies Marketers Need To Know for Promoted Tweets

Looking for ways to amplify your Promoted Tweets?  Whether you’re already participating in Twitter Advertising or thinking about getting into it, there’s a few things every marketer needs to know about Promoted Tweets.  Read on for 5 strategies that will optimize your Promoted Tweets.


1.  Increase Relevancy: Similar to other online ad formats, Promoted Tweets restricts creatives with a character limit.  So, if you’re participating in keyword targeting, why not use the best practices of paid search and include the actual keyword within your ad?  Not only will your tweet be given more prominence from the bolded keyword, it’ll also attract more engagements, as it will be more relevant to the query.


2.  Tweet for Re-Tweets: The biggest downside of Promoted Tweets is they’re only seen on the official Twitter properties. Unfortunately, not everyone logs into Twitter’s UI to manage their account.  Ever heard of TweetDeck or HootSuite?  Millions of Twitter users leverage tools like these to manage their accounts, and therefore, won’t ever see your Promoted Tweets.  When you’re promoting a tweet, a good goal should be re-tweets.  Being successfully re-tweeted is the ultimate way to reach and engage those who wouldn’t otherwise be exposed to your Promoted Tweets. It doesn’t hurt to do a small test and request a re-tweet within the tweet.  See how it performs against the same tweet without the request.

3.  Don’t Forget Your Competitors:  In my last blog post about Twitter Advertising, you learned about Twitter’s inability to target specific Twitter users, such as your competitor’s followers.  Well, unfortunately, nothing has changed.  You still can’t.  But, here’s what you can do: target your competitor’s branded keyword just as you would with a paid search campaign.  Volume may be low, but you don’t pay for impressions, only engagements – so you really have nothing to lose here.

4.  Dominate with Visual Content: Based on the promoted tweets below, do you see a difference between these? One is significantly inconspicuous compared to the rest and you already know why.  Outshine the other tweets in the feed with graphic content to increase visibility, encourage more engagements and command stronger results.  Check out these cool examples:



5.  Avoid Product Pitches: After all, Twitter is another social media platform so the intent to purchase is not always there.  Spamming the Twitter user-base with products that they aren’t necessarily interested in won’t do you any good.  On the other hand, with Twitter users, there is intent to connect with engaging content and users, so take all of the previous tips and leverage Promoted Tweets to gain more followers.


How has your Twitter Advertising program been going? Share your story with me in the comments below.


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