Advanced Facebook Ads Strategy: Optimize for CTR to Get Massive Traffic Fast

Social advertising is a completely different animal from most other paid traffic sources. With most paid or free traffic sources, the advertiser’s first challenge is getting wide distribution, specifically, getting enough volume to make optimizing your ads worthwhile.Ad platforms like Facebook Social Ads have virtually limitless traffic volume available for the taking- just bid high enough, and watch the traffic roll in.[pullshow]The main challenge for the advertiser is making the numbers work; getting cheap enough clicks and monetizing them well enough on the backend to make the campaign successful.[pullthis]A lot of people make the mistake of optimizing for conversions on Facebook ads.[/pullthis] That is, they’ll throw an offer up on Facebook, usually direct linking, see if it “converts on Facebook”, and, when they invariably lose money, they move on to another offer or traffic source.Don’t do this. Start out optimizing for CTR.The reason for this is that, if you develop a decent CTR early on with your ad, your clicks costs will drop dramatically in the next few days. If you’re starting out bidding CPC, you could be paying 80% less per click 3 days later, provided you have a decent CTR.Don’t worry too much about monetizing or conversions early on into a Facebook Ads campaign.Assuming your product is solid and the targeting makes sense, once you get your click costs down enough, you won’t have too much trouble monetizing in most cases, even if conversion rates are lower.In practical terms optimizing for CTR means aggressively testing lots of different attention-grabbing images.How do you know which images work best on Facebook? I’m glad you asked. See my next post.

  • Paula Lee Bright

    Ilya, great stuff! Very helpful.I’m still downloading 11,000+ images! Wow. That took some work.I wish you’d linked to "my next post." I gladly would have read it! Thanks!

  • Paula Lee Bright

    Oh! Just realized this is a new site. Very possibly you haven’t written the next post yet. 8/I’m in the same boat!

  • Richard B

    Maybe I’m doing something wrong, but I’ve never had a lot of luck advertising with Facebooks ads for my consulting business. It seems like people don’t want to click on those. On Facebook, the personal touch is what works best; simply asking friends to participate in your group or services such as <a href="; rel="nofollow">GetMorePopular</a> can help get you more fans quickly. But the best thing you should do to get more traffic is post interesting content that people will really want to click on.