Introducing The Blog

Welcome to the blog. The content of this blog will be concentrated around one main topic- how to quickly get lots of traffic.I don’t claim to be an SEO expert by any means, so the focus will be on paid traffic sources like PPC ads, media buys, etc. Don’t worry- it’s very possible to successfully test a traffic source with as little as $50-$100.Even though anyone can learn something from the content presented here, most of the content will be of a more advanced nature and may not be suited for complete beginners. Although, as any affiliate marketing guru blogger can tell you, newbies are an easily targeted and very monetizable demographic, I’ll mostly ignore this demographic at my own peril.There are lots of excellent newbie and introductory type guides out there, and I don’t want this blog to become another one.I’ll be sharing advanced, high level strategies for quickly scaling up and optimizing online marketing campaigns. Most of these strategies have been used by me successfully for my own campaigns, so I know they work.There will invariably be people complaining that I’m outing their tactics and wondering why I would out my own successful methods. To them I say I don’t care. There are so many niches, startups, and markets out there that a few people learning a method the top guys already know about won’t really make any difference in the grand scheme of things.I’ve got plenty of tricks up my sleeve. I think sharing a few with the readers of this blog will do the marketing industry more good than harm.That said, if you don’t have much experience driving traffic, don’t be intimidated! If you’re a reasonably intelligent individual, you’ll be able to easily grasp the strategies I describe and apply them to your own marketing efforts.One more thing: I’ll be posting roughly once a week. Check back soon for the first series of guides.

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    Truly saying , i was unaware of this fact. But the basics of this industry is to always keep trying some thing new. New is good, New is great, New is King.