How to Take Action with AdWords’ Auction Insights Data

Google’s recent release of the Auction Insights report is a keyword-level report for search ads that shows competitors who are participating in the same auctions as you.  Similar to us at MixRank, Google knows the importance of monitoring and uncovering competitor ad trends to optimize campaigns – and now Google provides you the data to act upon it.


The report provides these five metrics at the keyword-level: impression share, average position, overlap rate, position above rate, and top of page rate.  Since an online campaign is never fully optimized, any additional data you can use to enhance your campaigns is worth analyzing.  The most actionable data points from this report are:


  • Impression Share:  This metric was previously only available at the ad-group and campaign level.  Identifying impression share down to the keyword level offers you a clear-cut answer to which keywords you should increase bids on.
  • Top of Page Rate:  Make sure your top of page rate is 100% for all branded terms.  If not, bid higher for branded keywords.  You certainly don’t want a competitor’s ad showing above the organic results for your brand.
  • Average Position:  Although you won’t be able to pinpoint why an advertiser’s average position moves up or down, you can make an educated guess that their Quality Score and click-through rate most likely went up or down.  For advertisers with a higher average position over time, consider using similar ad copy.


If you’re a fan of the Auction Insights report, you’ll find MixRank’s similar data for display ads fairly interesting.  Try MixRank to uncover competitor ads and industry trends for contextual and display ads.  Free to register:


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