Unveiling the MixRank Mobile App Directory for Google Play

At MixRank, we’re making changes to include even more relevant data for your digital advertising competitive intelligence needs. As we expand our data set into the mobile landscape, we’ve made some recent updates to the database that maps web advertisers, publisher domains and apps back to parent company profiles. Our latest features include two brand new directories, new filter options for the directories, and new search functionalities. Here’s a breakdown of the latest features we’ve added.

1. Mobile App Directory and Filter Options: We’ve been tracking Play Store apps since January 2013 and within the app directory, you’ll find filter options to view the Topselling Paid, Topselling Free, Top Grossing, Topselling New Paid, Topselling New Free, and Trending apps.

For free apps, MixRank has uncovered the SDKs that mobile apps are leveraging, allowing you to see what technologies and app packages mobile developers have chosen to use.  If you’d like access to this data, sign up here.

2. Company Directory & Filter Options: We are tracking over 5 million companies cross verified on LinkedIn. Property Count indicates the number of MixRank reports that are mapped to this company. Visit the company directory to filter the companies by industry.

To gain access to the MixRank Directories, visit the Browse section on the top right hand corner of any MixRank page.

3. Company Reports: To gain access to company reports you can click on the company name from the Company Directory, or from any other report or directory on the top right hand side.


Within the company reports, you can view the various web properties that MixRank has reports for. Below you’ll see the Zoho Corporation’s Company Report with multiple web advertisers and Play Store apps. This data is particularly useful when measuring ad spend and online presence for a company.

4. Universal Search: With the drop-down arrow next to the search bar, you can get more granular with your queries by indicating what type of MixRank reports you’re looking for.

If you wish to search for all MixRank reports, we’ve added a universal search that allows you to search under Everything. Try it now!